Music In Millburn Schedule

Whether you are enjoying the downtown, or frequenting one of our many other restaurant and shopping districts, take some time to enjoy some outdoor live music as you stroll, dine, and shop!

Note: Dates are being added, and the schedule and locations are subject to change. Performances are weather permitting. Last updated: 6/15/21
Saturday, 4/36:00-8:00pmBig RomanceMain/Millburn
Friday, 4/236:00-8:00pmChris Turner and ClearStreamMain/Millburn
Friday, 5/146:00-8:00pmPoet SectionMain St. Closure
Saturday, 5/154:00-5:30pmBig RomanceMain St. Closure
Saturday, 5/155:30-7:30pmLast ExitLot #1 (Main St. & Essex St.)
Saturday, 5/157:30-9:00pmMidnight SunMain St. Closure
Friday, 5/216:00-8:00pmMrs. Eller and the FellersAdjacent to Boxcar, Short Hills Station
Friday, 6/48:00-11:00pmThe Red Light BandMain St. Closure
Saturday, 6/56:00-8:00pmPatrick Gannon QuartetTaylor Park at Lackawanna Pl.
Saturday, 6/126:00-8:00pmLast ExitAdjacent to Boxcar, Short Hills Station
Saturday, 6/126:00-8:00pmLos Traficantes del AmorMain St. Closure
Saturday, 6/191:00-4:00pmFather’s Day weekend teen feature! Various artists including Lucky Profit and students of Natalie’s School of Performing ArtsMain St. Closure
Saturday, 6/196:00-9:00pmKaren Egert TrioTaylor Park at Lackawanna Pl.
Friday, 6/256:00-9:00pmMs. Eller & The FellersMain St. Closure
Saturday, 6/261:00-2:00pmSoulfegeVarious Downtown
Saturday, 6/266:00-8:00pmRMC Teacher BandMain St. Closure
Friday, 7/96:00-9:00pmBossa5Main St. Closure
Saturday, 7/101:00-3:00pmKrazy KevinVarious Downtown
Saturday, 7/101:00-4:00pmBaker Street TrioMain St. Closure
Saturday, 7/106:00-9:00pmCats Will PlayMain St. Closure
Friday, 7/166:00-8:00pmTreeOh!Adjacent to Boxcar, Short Hills Station
Saturday, 7/176:00-9:00pmChris Turner and ClearStreamMain St. Closure
Friday, 7/236:00-9:00pmLes Non Triolets55 Main St. Parklet
Saturday, 7/246:00-9:00pmThe Harry Smith TrioMain St. Closure
Friday, 7/306:00-8:00pmThe Stiff JointsAdjacent to Boxcar, Short Hills Station
Saturday, 8/146:00-9:00pm3 Mile Island BandAdjacent to Boxcar, Short Hills Station
Saturday, 8/216:00-9:00pmMid Life CrisisMain St. Closure
Saturday, 8/286:00-9:00pmAllie May55 Main St. Parklet